hi, I'm moon,
princess of the underworld

owner of Cafè le lune.  bread maker. soul taker

GENERAL/ART: #moonilust
• no nsfw unless asked prior to
• right handed
• 157 cm
• very long hair adorned with flowers
• often holds; tulips, coffee, bread and familiar mochi

written by: Prncessmooninspired by: pans labyrinth

once a normal human; Moonie spent her days with her nose in a good book and was happiest when creating the cutest and tastiest pastries in the world. she was always very shy and would get constantly made fun of by others who would see her as a "crybaby" for being over emotional to the world. she would run to the forest with tears running from her face away from the world, there she would find tranquility and felt loved.she always felt connected to the earth, forest, and the moon. from then on everyday she would escape to the forest with a delicious pastry and a book making friends with the animals in the forest over time.one day while in the forest she fell asleep under a old shaded tree when she heard someone whispering her name; "Moonie.." the voice whispers..."huh?" Moonie responds in a hazy daze, as she woke up she saw a shadow run past her; and suddenly infront of her a portal opened up revealing a secret new world. she followed the trail of leaves, old tree scent and a pixie that caught her eye. as she went in deeper she came upon an area filled with blossoming flowers where the sunlight made them glisten. she yelled out' "hello?!" but was greeted by her own echo; "helloooo?!!" she screamed again but this time she was met with a tall creature, [half man half goat] who smelt of old wood."my names moon, who are you?" she asked"I've had so many names. Old names that only the wind and the trees can pronounce. I am the mountain, the forest and the earth. I am... I am a faun. Your most humble servant, Your Highness"confused she responded while shaking her head "no..im not..""you are moonie, daughter of the king of the underworld..you are not born of man. it was the moon that birthed you;suddenly the ground started to tremble and a portal emerged from the ground with steps leading down into itshe walked down into it revealing a secret worldfae started to surround her and beyond them a throne was waiting for her...the forest has been waiting for you, they thought they lost you when you grew curious of the human world and you accidentally left the underworld many centuries ago. you are its protector and this forest is but the last of what your father has left you in hopes you'd return to us again."suddenly her hair grew long, elven ears grew on her and beautiful jeweled antlers grew on top of her head, beautiful flowers adorned her hair, and a tiara sat perfectly on her crown. her body was dressed in a beautiful baby doll like dress that was decorated in lace, ribbons and delicate flowers with jewels while demon wings ripped out from her back. and suddenly the animal sounds around her turned into voices she could understand "welcome back your highness" she heard left and right mixed with cheers and claps from the forest fae and animals.upon reaching the throne, she sat down. her eyes turned a dark pink color and a smirk filled her facefrom then on she lived within the lunar forest running a bakery called the "café le lune", occasionally catering to the animals and fae of the forest and protecting this secret world from harm from outsiders.


design: shylestials
model art: shylestials
rig: shiki


logo: almosthirteen
banner: rain
starting soon screen art: maeli bun
starting soon animation: minchi katsu
ending screen: julie
stinger: arumo
just chatting overlay: l__gfxi


follower emotes: nemi
lightstick / noted / headpat: cubbie
tier 1 emotes: shylestials
tier 2/3 emotes: echo
nya emote: ruby
thigh emote: slushee